Sunlight City Foundation believes that the economic growth of a nation cannot be completely separated from human capital development. In fact, it is a fundamental factor of the economic growth of any nation and it is also what distinguishes developed nations from the developing nations.

Nigeria has abundant natural resources as well as a huge population, yet ironically, we are counted as one of the poorest countries in the world. This suggests to us that abundant natural resources are not enough to determine the economic prosperity of a nation without a corresponding high rate of progress in human capital. If the economy must grow, Nigerian citizens must be capable of performing duties expected to create economic prosperity. It is high time we understood the important role that population will play in turning our community into mega cities through the transformation of individual citizens and activation of their true potentials.

These explain why we enhance Human Capital Development through our programmes such as free training and skill acquisition, health support, education and support for new methods of agriculture with a positive mindset; potential and talent discovery to enhance human life; total human transformation with our seven core values added which are: Faithfulness, Helpfulness, Truthfulness, Team-work, Self-control, Transparency, Accountability and Godliness.

Therefore, the success of our nation and economy depends on the capability of Nigerians to build their nation. People create and manage the economy; therefore, the need for human capital development is inevitable as far as Sunlight City Foundation is concerned.

Developing a curriculum that is African based; traditionally addressing and harnessing our cultural and economic values and transforming them into great wealth that will be exported to generate foreign wealth for people in order to break the poverty cycle.


C.E.O of Sunlight City Foundation Presenting Scholarship to Students.

We believe that lack of education for children is a sign of their parents’ poverty and it can lead to poverty recycle and life-long struggle in the future of those children. Indeed, people living in abject poverty may find it difficult to send their children to school, thereby leaving them without literacy skills.

Therefore, Sunlight City Foundation aims to support child education by awarding scholarship to students from primary to secondary school and we also organize quality coaching centres for all secondary school students. It is part of our selfless service to humanity.


Sunlight City Foundation giving health care support

We recognize the importance of health care services to less privileged people who are not financially buoyant to take care of their health, especially in the most remote areas. We also notice the relatively weak government investment in public hospitals and in health care for Nigerian citizens living in most remote areas, so as an NGO our health care stewardship provides free drugs, free treatment, and free eye glasses to people living in the most remote communities as well as offsetting the hospital bills of helpless citizens without discrimination.


Due to the discovery of crude oil, Nigeria neglected agriculture for over forty years, depending and running the country’s economy majorly on revenue generated from oil. As an NGO we know the danger of a country relying solely on non-renewable resources like crude oil that sooner or later will be exhausted.

In addition, two basic things that are most crucial to man’s survival are water and food; it is undeniable that the nation is facing the challenge of food insecurity from the years of agricultural neglect coupled with poor agricultural practices. Hence, as an NGO we believe that the gospel of diversifying the economy to non-oil export as an effective tool for employment generation and foreign exchange earnings cannot be preached whole heartedly, without making notable reference to our efforts toward agricultural development in Nigeria.

Therefore, with over 500,000 Sunlight farmers in our organization, we have designed different agricultural programmes as well as partnership with different organizations as a mechanism to increase our famers’ capacity towards sustainable agricultural development in Nigeria.


The Director-General of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brigadier General Sulaiman Kazaure, made it known that no fewer than 300,000 graduates are mobilized every year for the NYSC programme. However, The Punch newspaper reported that in 2018 the NYSC scheme increased the number of corps members by 53,000 graduates, making the total number mobilized for the year to be 350,000 graduates.

The inevitable question is: Do we have 350,000 or 300,000 jobs available every year for these teeming graduates? If you are a Nigerian and you reside in the country, I believe you have the right answer to this question. So, the answer is yours.

Gone are the days when jobs looked for final year undergraduate students in tertiary institutions.Then, many final year students secured good jobs before their graduation, but nowadays, good education and good grades are not yardsticks for automatic employment as many graduates are still looking for jobs years after their graduation.

Sunlight City Foundation realized this fact and we know that youth empowerment and practical skill acquisition will provide solutions to problems in our environment and at the same time make our youths to be fully engaged. Our tertiary institutions only provide our graduates with knowledge-based education; but what really matters most in an environment where there is high rate of unemployment are skill-based knowledge and quality empowerment that can improve the quality lives of jobless Nigerians. Therefore training through skill acquisition, vocational and technical skills, establishing agro-based chain value system, system of knowledge acquisition, seminars, collaboration and partnership will help to provide jobs for unemployed masses.


In Sunlight City Foundation, we mobilize thousands of people for grant empowerment programmes because we believe that if the helpless citizens are empowered, they will have a better opportunity to succeed in an environment like ours.

Another area of SCF empowerment is in the field of agriculture. We mobilized over 500,000 Sunlight farmers for grant empowerment as a mechanism for financial support that will enable individual farmers to excel in agriculture and in agribusiness. We also aim to partner with relevant agricultural organizations to increase our famers’ capacity and also to eliminate any constraint that may hinder their success in mechanized agricultural practices.


Sunlight City Foundation free computer training center.

We have ICT experts who can provide training to interested youths. We have free computer training centres where youths are trained in different ICT programmes and the NGO also has a financial package as support for students or trainees who emerge as best students during the course of their free training.
Basically, ICT drives the major economy of the world today, from the robotic and intelligence gathering to finding solutions to issues of life professionally with accurate processing effect.


Sunlight City Foundation giving support to orphanage home.

Sunlight City Foundation has a sponsorship programme for orphans.We understand the plight of fatherless and motherless children being born into this world without knowing their parents or family. Indeed, we empathize with the hardship of these children at their tender age. This explains why we have indiscriminating support for the orphans.

SCF gives scholarship to orphans; we also donate food items and financial support for orphanage homes. Most importantly, we visit orphanage homes to show love and make them to give a big smile which is much better than being sad.


Sunlight City Foundation presenting items on poverty eradication day.

It may be difficult if not impossible for a single NGO to eradicate poverty completely in a nation where there is high rate of poverty. Therefore, one may be wrongly tempted to say that the word ‘Poverty Eradication’ by the NGO is a mere fallacy. If you hold this kind of thought, it is a sign of lack of understanding of what poverty eradication really means in this context.

Our NGO runs poverty eradication programmes, for instance, we mobilize thousands of people living in poverty for empowerment grant. Once they are empowered they can start the business of their own choice. We also provide free skill acquisition for jobless youths and we give financial support to those who emerge as best trainee. These among others are the ways we eradicate individual poverty and directly reduce the high rate of poverty in Nigeria at large.


Sunlight City Foundation at Drug addicts rehabilitation center.

There is a high level of drug abuse that requires urgent attention. Worse still, there are many youths who are not only drug abusers but also drug and alcohol addicts. The resultant effect of these acts is highly worrisome and not acceptable to Sunlight City Foundation. This explains why our noble foundation also chooses to focus on awareness creation against drug and alcohol addiction. We enlighten the public about why they should abstain from such harmful and toxic behaviour.

However, we do not only enlighten the youths on the disadvantages of drug and alcohol addiction; we also have rehabilitation centre for the addicted people, where they are rehabilitated and re-oriented for a better life. We also offer them free training on skill acquisition.


We work with people of like passions, break the cord and ginx of chronic selfishness, gluttonous wealth accumulation, purposelessness, anti-people dominance, wasted destinies and resources. Replacing the yoke of selfishness with liberality of our resources for the advancement of the common man.