Fighting poverty begins with the economic empowerment of individuals in a community; where everybody is on a project or business that is of economic value to him and the society at large, hence fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Nigeria, a petrodollar economy, cannot bring this economic freedom for all as can be seen. Except we corporately engage in the production of goods and services with massive consumption and exportation of same to earn us foreign exchange, we shall be on the same spot continuously.

In a country with zero capital for the common man, a grant is required to economically empower Nigerians to fulfill their daily obligations and responsibilities. Our present classical microfinance or commercial banks have shifted their focus and become irrelevant to the economic development of mankind with respect to the deliberate establishment of cottage industries. Now with their leap services, they only serve moneybags and bigwigs with unimaginable interest rates and unattainable collateral demands even after good feasibility studies which do not encourage production and long term investment. So, it will not be out of order to say no more banks for the common man.

Classical microfinance banks are profit driven and they place the common man as spectator, helpless and abandoned since they are unable to afford their high interest rates, which hinders the masses from engaging in general economic activities in Nigeria. As a result of this poor economic empowerment disposition of the common man to establish and sustain cottage industries, it means Sustainable Development Goal Agenda 2030 for all, including the masses, will be defeated and truncated.

We must all work together, reason and labour collectively to ensure that we increase the existing 37 million SMEs in the country so as to generate employment for our teeming youths. You must recognize who you are as a participant in economic engagement, by establishing a business or factory thereby creating chains of employments.

There are giants who are not relevant, yet they like being addressed as such with no impact, our demand of Operation ‘Show Me Your Score Card’ (OSMYSCARD), in impact and in affecting the common man’s life individually, institutionally or governmentally begins from all members of SCF as the custodians and arrowhead promoters and sitting priests of our land on this platform (OSMYSCARD). Indeed, as members of Sunlight City Foundation, we are expected to be transformers of destinies to become national heroes.

It is our corporate social responsibility that no company or individual will be allowed to remain poor or a parasite in communities and among the people locally and internationally. We agree that, ‘anyone who makes life to expire should expire himself.’ Ours is to root down any non-performing agency or body that has no benefit or impact on human existence by practical and pragmatic examples. The law setting up expired, unproductive and wasteful agencies with bogus budgets on them, and no scores to show to justify the expended revenue on them, should be abrogated and done away with; such resources should be diverted to fund small and medium scale factories to create millions of jobs.

Independence with economic slavery should be discarded, and a more beneficial sector encouraged and supported. We must begin to take collaboration and networking for productivity seriously.
Agricultural and industrial revolution is a non-negotiable venture at SCF and the goal to turn all communities into mega cities through harnessing the human and material potentials into productivity is being pursued vigorously.

Finally, we must settle down, plan and work together to move our dear country, as well as humanity, forward by ensuring that we have good projects in our communities that will spark off production and processing with value chain addition of economic activities. Cottage industries must be turned to mega industries, with multiplier effect on our economy.

Arise, Go, and Shine. Lighten Your Communities Into Mega Cities.

Dr Sunday Onobumhe.


We work with people of like passions, break the cord and ginx of chronic selfishness, gluttonous wealth accumulation, purposelessness, anti-people dominance, wasted destinies and resources. Replacing the yoke of selfishness with liberality of our resources for the advancement of the common man.