The Closure of Land Borders and the Notable Reasons

The Closure of Land Borders and the Notable Reasons

The issue of the country’s porous borders has been a major concern for Nigerians. The illegal immigration and the movement of illegal items across our borders are major reasons among others for insecurity in the country. On April 25, 2019, former Minister of the Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, made it known during the Federal Executive Council meeting in Abuja that over 1,400 illegal border routes exist in the country. However, after due co

nsideration of the implication of our porous land borders, the Federal Government announced the closure of all the land borders. Here are some reasons:

  1. To make our farmers become prosperous.
  2. To make our neighbouring countries to take the issue of security serious in border areas.
  3. To eradicate or reduce smuggling that seriously affects our local productions.
  4. To boost our farmers’ capacity.
  5. To reduce unemployment.
  6. To boost food security.
  7. To stop exportation of our petroleum products illegally.
  8. To update, agree or sign and implement existing ECOWAS protocol on movement
  9. To give us a breathing space to produce what we eat and avoid being a dumping ground for toxic wastes that will shorten our lives span.
  10. To encourage industrialization.
  11. To avoid wastage of resources.
  12. To control fake products coming in through illegal routes, etc.
  13. Sunlight City Foundation, as an NGO, is also aware of the economic and security challenges that come as a result of these illegal land border routes; hence, we support the Federal Government of Nigeria in its bid to ensure that our land borders are safe and the illegal routes used for smuggling and other crimes are blocked.

By Peter Owinje.


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