Road Accident by Circumstance: A Negative Side for Road Users

Road Accident by Circumstance: A Negative Side for Road Users

Road accident is one of the major dangerous occurrences with great magnitude affecting the social and economic prosperity of a nation. The lives of many innocent road users have been lost in road accidents, many others sustained permanent injury while many others involved in road accidents suffered financial loss and damages. For instance, in 2013, about 54 million people in the world sustained injury from road accidents (Wikipedia).

However, it is sad and important to know that road accidents are caused by human errors, yet there are motorists or drivers who were involved in road accidents caused by errors of other road users or motorists. Such are victims of accident by circumstance; they are the drivers that found themselves in road accidents beyond their control. These drivers are not at fault at any point in time, they did not overlook the traffic rules, and they are just victims of road accidents by the virtue of their presence at the scene of the accident caused by the error of someone else.

Road rage exhibited by some motorists has caused many innocent drivers to be victims of road accident. It is painful and highly unacceptable to see an innocent driver who obeys traffic rules and also maintains safety consciousness while making use of the road to be a victim of road accident caused by another driver’s error. For instance, the statistics from National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Auto Vantage revealed that 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving.

I use this medium to advise all motorists to be safety conscious and to think twice each time the need arises to make safety decisions while driving on the road, because it is morally unacceptable in any part of the world to make innocent, law abiding road users victims of road accident due to the error of another man. It is, therefore, much important to get home safely than to make an innocent man a victim of unwanted road accident.


: By Peter Owinje


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