A great country indeed, where each of her citizens have equal rights, everyone is precious, important,  protected, cared for,  inclusive, encouraged, motivated, and owned.

What a country where her Leaders are given equal playing ground,  permitted to seek any office, a place that her citizens hold their leaders accountable,  the leader serves joyfully and the country is first and the citizens without undue advantage.

Again two Nigerian won the seat to serve as below:-

Oye Owolewa and Esther Agbaje, Americans with Nigerian descent, have emerged victorious in the US elections.

While Agbaje won a house of reps seat in Minnesota, Owolewa was declared the winner of the shadow election in the District of Columbia (DC).

During elections, voters of the District of Columbia elect a shadow representative who is recognized as equivalent to US representatives by the District of Columbia, but the US government does not recognize the individual as an actual member of the house of representatives.

Owolewa scored a total of 164,026 votes, which represents 82.84% of the total votes cast.

A PhD holder from the Northeastern University, Boston, Owolewa is the first Nigerian-American to be elected to US congress.

The Nigerian-born democrat took to Instagram to express gratitude to his friends, family, and D.C. residents, for their support.

“Good morning. Looks like WE DID IT!!! I want to thank everyone, from family and close friends to DC residents. Because of your contributions and sacrifices, I stand before you as America’s first Nigerian American congressman.

In this role, I’m going to fight for DC statehood and bring our values to the lawmaking process. While today is a day for some celebration, hard work also follows. Again, thanks so much for everything. I wouldn’t be here without you all,” he wrote.


On her part, Agbaje won by a landslide, scoring a total of 17,396 votes, which represents 74.7% of the total ballots cast. Her closest rival, Alan Shilepsky, a nominee for the Republican Party, scored 4,126 votes, which represents 17.7% of the total votes cast.

She will represent district 59B in the 134 member house of the democratic farmer Labor Party, an affiliate of the Democratic Party. Abaje was born in St. Paul, the state capital of Minnesota, to Nigerian immigrant parents.

She attended George Washington University, DC, with a first degree in political science. She holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Pennsylvania, and a law degree from Harvard University.

Oh, America, America,  it is a place to be, but there is also a more important place. Nigeria is such a highly endowed country by nature, but many of us cannot see the opportunities therein.

Can we begin to work together and work it out?


We work with people of like passions, break the cord and ginx of chronic selfishness, gluttonous wealth accumulation, purposelessness, anti-people dominance, wasted destinies and resources. Replacing the yoke of selfishness with liberality of our resources for the advancement of the common man.