The Story Of Singapore is a child play when we talk of Bishop David Oyedepo.

On the part of a former third world country metamorphism into a front line country as part of industrialized nations of the world , is a child play when it comes to the unique and over whelming transformations in Living Faith Mission worldwide.
As a young man who grew up in Singapore, according to the Indian man story below, you need to marry top flyers as your leaders , who will be pragmatic and with honesty as watchword.

You bring leaders who are best for the job, not by tribe, sentiment, religion or ideology but the best.
Like I always say, America's greatness is hinged on the testament of Africa as ordained, by simply removing the "f' letter word completely (foolishness - in leadership) from the word - Africa ; and replacing it or affixing two letters , M & E ( Management & Entrepreneurship) to birth America, God's own country.
The fact is that Singapore explored the Americans transformational agenda to become great a country: that shows that any poor country can become America and beyond.

Management requires that you have what it takes, an art and a science- you need skills and application of knowledge that encompasses pragmatism , forecasting, organising, leading, directing, controlling and communicating your vision to your staff and missioning your objectives towards a set goal.
Moreover , your honesty defines your best organization and your goal, the output that is remarkable.

Impact is the hallmark of entrepreneurship, and management is the husband of it.

OSMYSCARD INTERNATIONAL , from the introduction, is seeing this based on standards, and
is still a mystery, because , the headquarters of this unparalleled feet is an epitome of great wisdom and dent of faithfulness in service that stood out.
Even in Nigeria, as bleak as things appears ! this greatness and excellence in management and illumination we see is something we should bow for and learn with humility to bring prosperity to our country and lives.

For a feet that we all can see, without any support from government or bank, to building diverse installations, his unparalleled impact all over the world , is not humanly possible but he presented himself a living vessel.

OSMYSCARD INTERNATIONAL is grateful to Bishop Oyedepo on LANDMARK university's magnanimity on the agricultural studies transformation in Nigeria, even at this post pandemic era.6670932 fbimg1518015158611 jpegba778fcef7e912302facb296d313c909

Below is the recent happenings for our good as a nation struggling to fund her education:-

Chancellor, Landmark University, Dr David Oyedepo removes Tuition For Agricultural Sciences In Landmark University.

Leke Beecroft


Dr Oyedepo has introduced an added incentive to students who desire to study agriculture or agriculture related courses in the university which was established in 2011. This is also to encourage students pick interest in agriculture in a bid by the institution to take Nigerians back to agriculture and to ensure that the nation feeds herself.

Henceforth Courses Including Crop Science, Animal Science, Agric Extension & Rural Development, Agric Economics, Agribusiness Management, Environmental & Natural Resource Economics, Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, Tourism and Recreation, Horticulture and Landscape management would now be run free of charge.

Landmark University is one of the highest scholarship awarding universities among private universities in Nigeria and is rated among the 10 most beautiful universities in Nigeria in less than 10 years of establishment.

The university is one of the best of the more than 50 private universities in Nigeria.

Pls this is an opportunity for younger ones we can maximize..
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Just like that?
He says yes, and we are grateful and thank full from OSMYSCARD INTERNATIONAL.

Education is the best legacy and tool to the world's transformation according to Nelson Mandela.
You ask America why Africa cannot access more than 5% of chocolate annual value of US100 billion dollars , the end product of cocoa,her highest world's produce of about 75% ? Is simply the poor level of Africa's educational transformation that is the engine of processing and manufacturing revolution.

No wonder Chief Obafemi Awolowo paid his dues towards a free education system as the pioneer and custodian of it : he is our pathfinder.

Today, OSMYSCARD INTERNATIONAL is thanking God and grateful to have a Nigerian transformer, a reformer, a mentor, a father of fathers , educationalist, episode of wisdom, Apostle, Teacher, Incorruptible Pastor, Employer, Architect, Doctor, Chancellor, Founder , Helper of destinies , Prosperity personified and a heaven bound citizen, and proud to be a Nigerian.
Under his commission, the system works, no power failure and is self reliant and all the institutions are world class.

All over the world , including America, they wonder how a Nigerian born citizen can thrive this far.
Rather than looking at Singapore, America and other great nations, behold...... your son, a Nigerian, very enterprising and full of wisdom and power , can't we learn?

This is a great personality that we can learn from, out of nothing, you can see the economic and spiritual impact , the employments generated and the number of people fed all over the world.
For our great country, let us use our best hands to fix this country, sentiment apart, let us consult wonderful mentors to help us.

OSMYSCARD INTERNATIONAL seeks the best for Africa, hosting about 34 poorest nations of the world.
Oh Africa......
Again, we can rise.

Nigeria!!!!!! You are a blessed Nation, the earlier you realise this the better.
I am proud to be a Nigerian.

Prof. Sunday Onobumhe


We work with people of like passions, break the cord and ginx of chronic selfishness, gluttonous wealth accumulation, purposelessness, anti-people dominance, wasted destinies and resources. Replacing the yoke of selfishness with liberality of our resources for the advancement of the common man.