Vision statement:- Turn communities into mega cities, by total human transformation, through the activation of her true potential, and utilizing same, for her well being.

     Mission statement:-To create communities where continuous and combined efforts are put into productive use for the upliftment of mankind, and towards fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.



     Our NGO makes various accesses to various grants and other financial empowerment programs to develop our members economically across the nations. One of such is the bottom-up project strategy, which is backed up by this Model MFB structure that is ongoing now.

     SOCIAL EXCHANGE MARKET( SEM)- An economic freedom tool for all. A borrower is a slave to the lender as long as he lives, which makes him not to be free economically, but Social Exchange Market guaranties economic freedom, and in fact will power all our projects. We must be hooked to SEM to benefit.

     The Model MFB being proposed are also instruments of economic freedom, whose platform is all the projects hanged and, powered by SEM.

     The Model Micro Finance banks and the Social Exchange market is in line with the Abuja training for Directors of Micro Finance Banks under the Bottom-up project strategy of the World Bank on 11th-12th July, 2017.

     Who are the Beneficiaries of the Grant?

     Any citizen of Nigeria of any tribe or any religion, who want to be self-reliant, employers of labour to drive the economy by legal, profitable and productive engagement not buying and selling.

     Age is between sixteen (16) and above and the project is for all Nigerians. 10,000 of such banks are to established in all 774 local government of the federation.

     Proper documentation shall be carried out, logistic of banking procedures maintained. Training workshop and seminars shall apply. No hurry as far as the project is concerned.





     Break the yoke of selfishness (among Nigerians) in man, thereby transforming him to become an agent to transform his communities into mega cities.

     The Lunching of ‘operations show me your records and scores, in human economic impact by your millions.

     Encourage CSR

     Communities’ transformation into mega cities through total human transformation and harnessing her economic potentials productively.

     We encourage Production, manufacturing and industrial revolution, Agricultural production, processing and value added chains with human economic impact.


    Human capital and material development,


    • Health:-Preventive medicine advocators and custodians
    • Economic Empowerment:- Training of various skills and technical acquisition.
    • Team spirit with synergy of resources is ours.
    • Peace keeping operations.
    • Project Management:-  We say  No to white elephant project with no impact on humanity, capital flight, nonexistent projects.
    • Educational Development with scholarship
    • Prison reforms


    Overseas collaboration and coalition (Grant/expertise) property exchange for development and partner with professionals, private sector and all sectors at all levels both locally and internationally.


    No one ever fulfill destiny without being helped or empowered. Is either you push, or you were supported to be pushed, or empowered by training with knowledge or disciplined or grant.




    1. Training is Education with relevant skills acquisitions
    2. Seminar Conference
    3. Leadership Examples
    4. Mentorship
    5. Impact
    6. Grant/loan processing after the skills acquisition on your projects
    7. Scholarships Award through our Schools.
    8. Free MEDICAL treatments, with free drugs and donation of recommended glasses through our Opticians.


    Sunlight City Foundation is an NGO and also a multi-purpose co-operative society that assist in collection of data and various information that will help the empowerment of Students, Farmers, Traders, Self-employed and more.


    Address: No.100 Liberty Road, Fiat & Ladder B/S, Ibadan.
    Phone: (234) 803 2322 987
    Mobile: 0905 378 5174
    Email: info@sunlightcityfoundation.org.ng


    All funds and payment for Sunlight City Foundation should be made to the bank account details provided below:

    ACC NUMBER: 4091116577

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