Just as the sun is to give light to the earth, so is Sunlight City Foundation (SCF) is to lighten her communities/localities into megacities by a way of transformation, coalition, communication, capacity building, human capital development and training (seminar, conference, discussion), partnership locally and internationally, encouraging and making individuals discover their talents, harnessing them to fulfilling their cooperate social responsibilities.

(CSR) SCF is indeed a Development, Empowerment, equitable resources distribution platform; a multipurpose cooperative society organization charged by God to lighten her communities, transformation of same into mega cities: communities where peaceful co-existence thrive as well as tranquility. On a serious note, Africans’ short sightedness and selfishness is responsible for our present predicament; a situation where one person bury billions of dollars until they get rotten and useless, even, one man controls 1000 houses scattered across the continents while millions of people are starving; erection of elephant projects that are met for capital flight away and without touching people’s lives. Imagine the trillions of resources buried, (birds of the same feather flock together).

Our work is to work with people of like passions break the cord and ginx of chronic selfishness, gluttonous wealth accumulation, purposelessness, anti-people dominance, wasted destinies and resources. Replacing the yoke of selfishness with liberality of our resources for the advancement of the common man.
Mission statement:- To create communities where continuous and combined efforts are put into productive use for the uplift of mankind and towards fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.
Our Vision statement:- Turn communities into mega cities, by total human transformation, through the activation of her true potential and utilizing same for her well being.

Meet SCF Team

Meet the CEO and team of highly dedicated and illustrous personnels that work round the clock to make Sunlightcity goals and objectives a reality.

DR. SUNDAY ONOBUMHE - [ C.E.O & Founder ]


MR. ANDREW ALABI - [ Assistant General Manager ]